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Interfaith Day of Prayer

Stephanie Urquhardt

Military Pagan Network


Paganism is a diverse collection of religious traditions and it is difficult to indicate [in a few minutes] what most Pagans believe or why. 


But I can tell you what Pagans value in everyday life.






Because we believe that divinity is immanent in creation, then all creation in its diversity is sacred, and all living beings deserve to exist in the context of dignity.


That diversity goes not only for the natural world, for the planet and its ecosystems, but also to the many philosophies and cultures of humanity. There is this idea in my community that all cultures are inherently valuable, as are all individuals within those cultures. Each person has something useful to offer in this lifetime.


When we deny a person their choice to live their life as they choose we deny that [the] person carries a spark of divinity. An individual who is not perceived as innately sacred is not perceived as human.  A non-person is not valuable, and is a disposable object.


This thought process deprives an individual of their dignity, which is a terrible thing. To deny divinity and dignity in an entire culture, race, ideological or religious group is to deny our world the blessings of diverse thought, of creativity, imagination, and dreams that group might have to offer.


What societal problems are we resuscitating when this practice is allowed to continue?


What solutions have we missed by ignoring the voice of reason from a place other than our own?


What groups have we enslaved ourselves to out of fear and hatred?


Freedom is acknowledging that there is no enemy. What better place to begin that acknowledgement than within our own culture.


In the various, contemporary Pagan theologies I have studied thus far, I have discovered that there is no enemy. Within this religious community comprised of individuals who are thought of as innately “other” they themselves have broken the chain of dysfunction.


There are no enemies here. There is only divinity, diversity and dignity.


Click here for Stephanie's report to the Military Pagan Network about the InterFaith Day of Prayer and Reflection.  You'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to read it.  (Click here for a free Acrobat Reader)


Click here for more information about the InterFaith Day of Prayer and Reflection.


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