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Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Clueless about the First Amendment

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Religious Studies and the First Amendment

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Dominionist Press Publishes Book by Southern Baptist

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Laughable Theocrats?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Christmas with Mustang's Angry Christians

Chicago Daily Southtown:  Conservatives Putting Christ back into Christmas

Kansas City Star:  'Moral values' poll wording debate continues

ABP:  Another Alabama judge stirs controversy over 10 commandments

Ethics Daily:  Appeals Court Upholds Law Protecting Prisoner's Religious Rights

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  The Midst of a Culture War

Forward:  A Lesson in American Civics

NBC 13:  Oklahoma voters show anger about Nativity Removal

Tallahassee Democrat:  Church, State division draws attention

Palm Beach Post:  Voters may be asked to remove Florida's church-state ban

Ethics Daily:  Wrapped in Robes of Politics

Ethics Daily:  Conservative Evangelicals fight Christmas "Censorship"

Ethics Daily:  Instructor to be investigated on alleged comments on religious voters

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Baptists Weighing in Against Decalogue Displays

ABP:  Bush administration, Baptist Joint Committee file briefs in Ten Commandments Cases

BJC:  Brief in Texas Decalogue Case (Pdf format)  ACLU, Church-state group plan suite over 'Intelligent Design' mandate

ABP:  Americans United, ACLU become first to challenge 'Intelligent Design'

ACLU:  Intelligent Design challenged

AU:  Pennsylvania Parents file first ever challenge to "Intelligent Design" Instruction in Public Schools

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Director of Faith-based office insults Mainstream Baptists

ABP:  White House Faith-based Director says Bush will continue agenda

Roanoke Times:  Don't confuse separation of church and state with the interaction of politics and religion

Corona-Norco News:  Man on a mission

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  IRD irked at UCC ad

UUWorld:  The Fundamentalist Agenda

AU Weblog:  Classroom indoctrination?  What you haven't heard about a California teacher's case

Ethics Daily:  Scalia blames church-state separation for holocaust

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Did the Nazi's Separate Church and State?

AU Weblog:  Did Scalia skip history class?

Common Dreams:  Scalia to Synagogue -- Jews are safer with Christians in charge

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Uncle Sam Doling Out to Churches

AU:  Americans United files lawsuit to block federal taxpayer funding for California Missions

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On the Dialogical Unity of Religions

Ethics Daily:  Are these the Dark Ages?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On tacitly established religion

Frederick Clarkson:  No Room at CBS and NBC

AU Weblog:  When in Rome -- How cooperation between religion and government in Italy is slowly strangling faith

York Daily Record:  Dover Schools in Spotlight

AU:  Taxpayer funded Americorps program should not promote religion

Newsday:  Scalia says religion infuses U.S. government and history

St. Louis Business Journal:  On Separation of Church and State

Pew Forum:  Moral Values?  How Important?

First Amendment Center:  Christian-Republican Alliance -- Faustian Bargain?

Akron Beacon Journal:  Power center driven by religion to reshape nation

Helena Independent Record:  On church, state, and moral values

The Lamron:  Separation of church and state should be upheld completely

TIA:  Campaigning to the Choir -- An Exploration of Christianity and Politics

AU:  Americans United Deplores House Vote Funding California Missions

Desert Sun:  State missions restoration bill heads to Bush

Boston Channel:  Pro-choice lawmaker asked to resign church position

North Texas Daily:  Expert speaks about relation between church and state

Salon:  Building Religious Tolerance

NC Times:  Will ten commandments displays cause the nation's next 'civil religion' showdown

Harvard Crimson:  Harvard Law School Discusses Religion

St. Cloud Times News:  We blur line between church, state

Salt Lake Daily Herald:  Government is obligated to accommodate free practice of religion

The Jewish Week:  Pressure Seen Rising on Judicial Wars

Christian Science Monitor:  How the lines of the culture wars have been redrawn

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  The Pride of Liberalism

Kansas City Star:  Centrists, call a truce in the culture war

Capitalism Magazine:  Defending the Separation of Church and State -- a call to liberals

Abilene Reporter News:  Founders wanted absolute separation of church and state

St. Petersburg Times:  Backward Christian Soldiers

Toronto Star:  The Potent Mix of Faith and Politics

Nashua Telegraph:  Bush's re-election threatens separation of church and state

AU Weblog:  Values Voters and Campaign 2004 -- Debunking a Political Myth

AU Weblog:  Family Research Council to Jefferson -- Tear Down this Wall

AU Weblog:  A disclaimer for science

Triad Business Journal:  Church and state debates should be less divisive

Nicholas Benton:  Where was my church when the right hijacked 'values'

Johns Hopkins Newsletter:  Religion inexorable part of policy

Denver Post:  Get the church out of the state

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Textbook case puts spotlight on judge

AP:  School unit mandates 'Intelligent Design'

Tom Paine:  Stopping Specter

Yurika Report:  Hung over in the End Times

Technician:  The religious right is wrong

Useless Knowledge:  The line between church and state

New York Times:  GOP adviser says Bush's evangelical strategy split the country

Common Dreams:  George Bush and the 2004 Elections -- A perspective from the South

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Falwell driving to be "boss man" for "values voters"

ABP:  Falwell forms new political group to "cash in" on "values vote"

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Southern Baptist Hardwiring to GOP Exposed

AU:  New Falwell group just another fundraising vehicle for extreme television preacher

Shawnee News Star:  Monument a draw at courthouse

Washington Post:  Evangelicals say they led the charge for GOP

Washington Post:  For the President, A vote full of faith and credit

Christian Science Monitor:  A 'moral voter' majority?  The culture wars are back

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  God's Country

Western Herald:  Warning in Georgia textbooks may violate church, state separation

Wymouth News:  Church and State Conundrum

Crimson White:  Conservative AL justices worry atheists

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Francis Schaeffer credited with influencing 2004 Election

New York Times:  Campaign strategist is in position to consolidate Republican majority

World Council of Churches:  God has no place in U.S. politics

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Bush's New Agenda

New York Times:  Bush supporters anticipate a "revolution"

New York Times:  The Day the Enlightenment Went Out

Belfast Telegraph:  God Help America as Old Time Religion makes its presence felt


Forward:  Thou shalt separate church and state

Anderson Herald Bulletin:  Freedom is the distance between church and state

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:  Not the right time or place

Bradenton Herald:  Schools use faith-based mentors

AU:  Bush re-election means more attacks on church-state wall

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  The End is Near

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Pastor takes action to keep politicking off church grounds

Common Dreams:  Religion's kidnapping of the campaign

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On Godless Constitutions

New York Times:  Battle Cry of the Faithful pits believers against the rest

TIA:  Interfaith Alliance Chides Bush, Kerry fon campaigning in churches

AU Weblog:  Gay marriage hits home for Georgia Christian Coalition

AU:  Claims that the IRS has banned pro-Bush prayers are false

TIA:  Congregations nationwide warned of deceptive voter guides

Ethics Daily:  Falwell on Terrorists -- 'Blow them all away in the name of the Lord'

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Crossing the Line

Seattle Post Intelligencer:  IRS investigating NAACP for partisan political speech

AU:  AU asks IRS to investigate partisan political activity at churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania

TIA:  Gaddy assails Dobson on 'bigoted remarks' against Sen. Leahy

AU Weblog:  Eve of Destruction?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Falwell literally advocates holy war

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  The Myth of Christian America

BeliefNet:  David Barton & the Myth of Church-State Separation

InterFaith Alliance:  Will the Fundamentalists Win?  A Question Revisited

AU Weblog:  Roy's Rock hits bottom

AU:  'America for Jesus' rally pushes Religious Right agenda

AU Weblog:  Pat Robertson Pops Off -- Again

Nashua Telegraph:  Lawsuit puts religious rights, state law at odds

Lincoln Journal:  Politicians should keep church and state separate

Duluth News Tribune:  Gaylor to step down as head of Freedom From Religion Foundation

American Prospect:  What would Jefferson Do?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  What would Jefferson Do?

Washington Monthly:  Faith without works

Washington Post:  Faith without Fealty

AU:  Americans United blasts Christian Coalition's Biased Voter Guides

Boston News:  Old South fix-up stirs church-state debate

Roanoke Times:  Thou shalt not entangle church and state

Macon Telegraph:  Macon couple to fund Mercer lectures on church-state issues

AU:  'Mayday for Marriage' rally promotes partisan agenda

New York Times:  Without a Doubt -- Bush's Faith-based Presidency

The Nation:  Follow the Money

WSBTV:  Church's use of state grant stirs questions

Northwest Arkansas Times:  Politics for the Pulpit -- Free Speech or Partisan Danger?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Southern Baptists' "Kingdom Warriors"

AU:  Supreme Court should use commandments case to affirm church-state separation

AU:  Supreme Court to hear challenge to federal religious freedom law

Wood TV:  U.S. Senate passes California missions restoration bill

AP:  Supreme Court to Hear Commandments Case

Arizona Republic:  There's no prayer of us separating church and state

Mainstream Baptist Weblog The Quest for a Christian America

AU Weblog:  Robertson roils Israel

San Diego Union Tribune:  Will voter's religious devotion factor heavily on election day?

Buffalo News:  A Faith Divided at the Polls

New York Times:  Groups of Bishops using influence to oppose Kerry

Chicago Tribune:  Kerry rallies Blacks and Florida churches

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Leland's Legacy Remembered

TIA:  Gaddy, Weyrich calls for religious questions in presidential debates

TIA:  Intrusion into religious life of Muslims condemned by Interfaith Alliance

Jewish Times:  Court likely to heart church-state cases

AU Weblog:  Panda-monium -- Creationism on the march

AU Weblog:  Reading, Writing and Footwashing?

AU Weblog:  Harvest Moon -- Controversial Evangelists reaps faith-based windfall

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Preparing for Armageddon

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Tom DeLay -- A Law unto Himself

Daily Oklahoman:  Oklahomans Debate Politics Religious Side

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Jesus' Voting Guide?

AlterNet:  Faith without Works

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Roy Moore Suffers Supreme Snub

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Baptists Laundering Money in Oklahoma

The Oklahoman:  Baptists take aim at issues on ballot

Tallahassee Democrat:  Supreme Court upholds contraceptive ruling

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Fundamentalist Batting Percentages

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Southern Baptists still bashing Public Schools

AU:  AU hails failure of marriage amendment in House

AU:  House vote on Marriage Amendment is election year stunt

TIA:  GOP websites manipulate religion

Richmond Times Dispatch:  Falwell tells preachers how to talk about politics

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Legislating Religious Values

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Nuclear Fundamentalists?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Superconferences and Circuses

TIA: Pledge protection act is 'bad for religion, bad for the constitution'

TIA: Interfaith Alliance denounces Republican claim that Democrats will ban the Bible

TIA:  Don't redefine religion for political gain

AU:  Churches urged to reject biased Christian Coalition voter guides

AU Weblog:  'Security Aid' to Maryland Religious school raises questions

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Mute Churches?

Christian Science Monitor:  Does U.S. law mute churches?

Red Nova News:  Virginia Senator says he got Congressional room for Rev. Moon

Media Monitors Network:  Public Security Funds for Jewish Groups are Wrong!

PFAW:  Stripping the Courts -- A Dangerous Precedent

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Homeland Depot

Baltimore Sun:  Security funds go to Jewish groups

USA Today:  Bush's Wild Card -- The Religious Vote

AU Weblog:  Rep. Jones -- Opponents of Church Electioneering are "Evil"

AU:  Election year advisory counters Falwell's bad advice to churches

AU Weblog:  Religious Right pushes 'Christian Ideals' in Congress

AU:  'Pledge Protection Act' should be defeated in U.S. House

BeliefNet:  One Nation Under God

Wichita Eagle:  Monitors visiting activist churches

KATV:  Arkansas Church Brandishes Politics from the Pulpit, again

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  What's Wrong with the Christian Right

ABP:  House committee approves bill blocking court ruling on pledge

Boston Globe:  Flynn's church-state balancing act

Canton Journal:  Times have changed between the two JFK's

Washington Post:  Openly religious to a point

BBC News:  Religion and Politics in America

AU:  Senate Panel Approves Funding for California Mission Churches

AU Weblog:  IRS reminds churches not to break the law

AU:  House Panel should reject misnamed 'Pledge Protection Act'

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On Opposing the Slaughter of Innocents

The Day:  Israelis, Palestinians must learn to keep church and state separate

AU Weblog:  Religious liberty cherished, not understood

Richmond Times Dispatch:  Polls -- U.S. mixed on religious freedom

NWITimes:  Church and State meet after mass

USA Today:  More courts tackle 10 commandments

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Goodbye Liberty of Conscience

Interfaith Alliance:  Telling the Truth

Americans United:  AU blasts backdoor effort to pass church politicking bill

Interfaith Alliance:  Religious Right pushing church politicking again

The Raw Story:  Goodbye Secularism:  A crusade for church-state marriage

Ethics Daily:  L.A. County unveils new seal without controversial cross

AU Weblog:  'Commandments Judge' resurfaces on Capitol Hill

Americans United:  AU criticizes House Panel for featuring 'commandments' judge

The Oklahoman:  Separation group plans annual meeting

AU Weblog:  Dobson Demagoguery:  On the road in Carolina

Provo Daily Herald:  Should Congress scrap a law that prevents churches from engaging in political activities?

OU Daily:  Panel at OU discusses religion in public policy

Washington Post:  Catholic voters given leeway on abortion rights issue

Nashville News 5:  Judge orders church to close daycare program

New Orleans Times Picayune:  State to aid faith-based social programs

The York Dispatch:  Biology issue lingers

Mississippi Press:  Gay Unions an 'abomination'

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Evangelical Voters not Monolithic

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On Being Free to Agree or Free to Leave

San Diego Union Tribune:  State worker sues for right to post religious, political views on cubicle

Wisconsin State Journal:  Line between politics, church gets fuzzier

Ethics Daily:  Democratic Members of Congress seek Gen. Boykin's Dismissal

ABP:  Supporters fund documentary to highlight Bush's faith image

LA Times:  Christian Conservatives Leave Convention in Great Spirits

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Subliminal Crosses?

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  The GOP is not a church, and America's not either

AU Weblog:  A Far Right powerhouse you haven't heard of

LA Times:  Voting with one hand on the Bible in Oklahoma

Newsday:  Bringing Religion into politics can backfire

Christian Science Monitor:  Does the state have the right to monitor home schools?

Washington Post:  In Congress, Religion Drives Divide

AU Weblog:  High Roller -- More on Ralph Reed's Casino Connection

KOLD News:  Church-state relations -- a legal frontier

AU Weblog:  Appeals court strikes coercive prayers at public schools

AU Weblog:  'Faith-based' programs proliferate in prisons

Marvin Olasky:  Compassionate conservatism's future

Crosswalk:  Catholic Group to ask IRS to revoke tax-exempt status of Florida Church

AU Weblog:  Falwell gets a mixed welcome in Texas

News Telegraph:  Richard Land:  Bush's crusader for church and state

AU:  Americans Oppose Partisan Politics and Houses of Worship

AU:  Americans United urges Defense Department to fire controversial General

AU:  Bush 'Faith-based agenda' spreading in Federal Government

AU:  Florida appeals court rules against school voucher law

Washington Post:  'Partial birth' abortion law rejected by judge

The State:  A Wiccan wins one in South Carolina

AU Weblog:  First the 10 C's, now the whole Bible?

AU Weblog:  S.C. Officials defend Christians only prayer

AU Weblog:  Mullah Makeover -- California Theocrat seeks kinder, gentler image

Houston Chronicle:  Harris County to appeal order to remove Bible

Houston Chronicle:  Harris County Must Remove Bible Displayed at Courthouse

Houston Chronicle:  Bible trial examines the trivial

Charleston Post Courier:  State joins appeal of ban on prayer at government meetings

AU Weblog:  Faith-based bully, Towey bashes anti-bias laws

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On the Ethics of Stem Cells (8-10-04)

Washington Post:  Edwards, First Lady at odds on Stem Cells

Boston Globe:  Stem cell issue opens campaign divide

Ethics Daily:  Survey -- Most Community Foundations Fund Faith-based Organizations

AU Weblog:  Falwell Finally 'Fesses up, Sort of . . .

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Valuable Reading for Church-State Activists (8-9-04)

Norman Transcript:  Church-state split part of nation's legacy

Norman Transcript:  The Political Pulpit

Ethics Daily:  'Roy's Rock' winds way across Tennessee

AU Weblog:  Roy More just keeps going and going and going . . .

Seattle Times:  Mixing church and state can damage both

AU:  Clergy should Skip Falwell's Tax Law Class

Kansas City Star:  Falwell will teach conservatives advocacy

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Faith-Based Initiatives -- Easy Money and Loose Accountability

Newsday:  Bush promises more funding for religious charities

AU Weblog:  Falwell Falsehoods -- Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Arkansas City Traveler:  Church and state issues state board of education primary

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Religious Liberty -- America's Sacred Ground

Arkansas News Bureau:  Changing times for church and state

ABP:  Young Democrat group wants party to regain moral voice

ABP:  Democrats try to talk faith during Boston convention

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly:  Utah Gun Laws and the Church

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly:  Democrats and Religion

AP:  Religious Freedom law used to challenge homeschooling oversight

St. Petersburg Times:  Council split on atheist invocation

AU:  Falwell misleading religious leaders on tax law

Ethics Daily:  Second complaint filed against Falwell

Ethics Daily:  Productive tolerance needed to face secularism, fundamentalism

News OK:  OU changes policy on funding campus religious publications

Bay News 9:  A different kind of opening

New York Times:  Two Sikhs win back jobs lost by wearing turbans

Lawrence Journal World:  True Freedom

Ethics Daily:  Most Americans support religious symbols in culture

Ethics Daily:  Court -- South Carolina Town Council's Prayers Unconstitutional

Northwest Arkansas Times:  Pulpit or political stump?

Tahoe Daily Tribune:  Church and state debated, but certainly not reconciled

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Home school law put to test

Casper Star Tribune:  New law targets diploma mills

Gainesville Sun:  Court's decision could alter Southern Council prayers

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Whose Religion is Extreme?

Ethics Daily:  Prisons taking steps to prevent religious extremism

BeliefNet:  Democrats Tap First Director of Religious Outreach

Charlotte Observer:  The Dangerous Intersection of Religion and Politics

ABP:  Watchdog group files complaint against Arkansas church for 'political' sermon

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On Closing the Faith-based Office

Ethics Daily:  Interfaith Alliance seeks dismantling of faith-based office

Palm Beach Post:  Capitol flag under fire over cross

New York Times:  Taking a stand where church and state collide

KATV:  Congressman wants to change IRS rules on churches

Jewish Times:  Security fund bill passes hurdle

AU:  Appeals Court bars prayers before S.C. Towns Council Meetings

AU:  House vote for 'court-stripping' bill deplorable

Arkansas News Bureau:  Washington county Democrats support investigation

Ardmoreite:  Church-state separation becomes a hot issue in Kansas

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  Rash of Baptist Preachers Making Political Endorsements

AU:  Arkansas Church Partisan Politicking Needs IRS Investigation

Arkansas News Bureau:  Pastor crosses line between church-state separation

First Amendment Center:  Watchdog groups monitors politics in the pulpit

Global News Service:  Despite church-state concern, bill on religious site's security moves ahead

Jerry Falwell:  Barry Lynn is trying scare churches . . . again.

AU:  House should defeat 'Court-Stripping' bill

Wichita Eagle:  So much for church-state separation

Seattle Times:  Faithfully executing public office

Seattle Times:  Archbishop Brunett -- All Catholics should unite behind universal principles

Ft. Wayne News Sentinel:  This year's politics-religion mix is nothing new

Ethics Daily:  Ten commandments monument hits the road

Open Democracy:  Evangelical Christianity -- The future beyond liberalism?

Seattle Intelligencer:  Archbishop warns Catholic politicians on abortion

AlterNet:  Wrapping the cross in the flag

Miami Herald:  Clerics resist Bush strategy to seek aid of churchgoers

Ethics Daily:  Falwell endorsement of Bush prompts challenge of tax-exempt status

Ethics Daily:  NCC issues principles for evaluating candidates

Ethics Daily:  Appeals Court -- Courtroom ten commandments poster unconstitutional

Sightings:  Marching Orders

Claremore Daily Progress:  Political use of churches

San Angelo Standard Times:  Church and state mix it up in presidential campaign

Mainstream Baptist Weblog:  On Free Exercise of Religion (7-16-04)

New York Times:  Citing Falwell's endorsement of Bush, Group challenges his tax exempt status

AU:  IRS should investigate partisan political activity by Jerry Falwell ministries

Washington Post:  Kerry keeps his faith in reserve

Tacoma News Tribune:  Church, State Entwined at Dept. of Social Health and Services

Bremerton Sun Link:  DSHS official misused office, state auditor says in report

Washington Post:  Evangelical groups say they won't give up on amendment

AU:  Senate Scuttles Marriage Amendment

AU Weblog:  Sen. Frist's missionary positioning -- playing politics with the constitution

San Mateo Country Times:  From Bush's bully pulpit, the church-state line must look blurry

AlterNet:  Molly Ivins -- Walking or Just Talking?

Oklahoma Gazette:  Coercive to conscience?

AU:  House Committee should reject effort to weaken federal courts

AU:  'Federal Marriage Amendment' Threatens Religious Freedom

Seattle Times:  Moving monument a debate of "shall" vs. "shall not"

Fox News:  Newly formed faith-based groups lean left

AU:  Bigotry at lunch -- Md. Delegate bashes dissenting Senior

Ethics Daily:  Religious Right rallies last minute support for marriage amendment

Ethics Daily:  Religious Right's Aim to 'restore' Christian Nation is Wrong

Christian Science Monitor:  Lawsuit tests religious speech in class

News Observer:  Faith assumes larger political role

Boston Globe:  GOP's 'Christian nation'

Working for Change:  Political left abdicates public morality to the right

Newsday:  Where politics shouldn't go

Charlotte Observer:  These rolls called by the wrong 'yonder'

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Churches preaching voter registration

Dallas Morning News:  Bush, Kerry preach to vast undecided righteous wing

LA Times:  The Politics of Piety

Toledo Blade:  Faith and Values may decide election

RNS:  When Religious Demagogues threaten our 'home sweet home'

ABP:  Bush-Cheney effort causes Texas Baptist Ethics leader to remind churches about tax status

UMNS:  United Methodists urge caution in political activities

Provo Daily Herald:  Church/state debate re-emerges

AU:  'Faith-based' Stumbling Block

American Prospect:  Bush's God

Washington Post:  Separating Church and State

Newsday:  Ashley Judd on Church/State separation and feminism

Christian Science Monitor:  Mixing prophecy and politics

ContraCostaTimes:  Judge rules some AmeriCorps programs wrongly involve religious teaching

AU:  Americans United urges Senate to Reject Controversial Federal Court Nominee

AU:  Bush campaign targets churches for election outreach

TIA:  Interfaith Alliance warns churches to beware of legal, ethical violations

TIA:  Welton Gaddy addresses Unitarian Universalist General Assembly

Houston Chronicle:  Four with Charter School arrested

Wichita Eagle:  It's sinful to drag God into partisan politics

People's Weekly World:  Bush, religious right target churches

The Advocate:  Group plans to monitor churches to watch for campaigning from the pulpit

Seattle Times:  Bible belt churches putting Bush in more than prayers

Kansas City Star:  This church mission is covert

Tallahassee Democrat:  In faith and politics, beware of hypocrites

Ekklesia:  Methodist church takes on disestablishment questions

Slate:  Pilgrim's progress?

Springfield News Leader:  One phrase, two different results on religion

ABP:  Head of group that fought Roy Moore speaks to BJC luncheon

ABP:  Group sues White House, agency officials over Bush's 'faith-based initiatives'

Sioux City Journal:  State asks judge to dismiss prison program lawsuit

Naples Daily News:  Religion and politics a dangerous mix

Herald Tribune:  A right-wing reason to oppose a marriage amendment

Washington Post:  Joseph Califano -- How I squared church and state

Crosswalk:  Protestant clergy think church-state separation has run amok

Jacksonville Ledger-Inquirer:  Protestant churches emerge as electoral base for Bush

New York Times:  Aide is Bush's eyes and ears on the right

Star-Tribune:  'Wall' serves both church and state

AU:  Americans United hails Colorado Supreme Court ruling against vouchers

Ethics Daily:  Bipartisan caucus on faith-based groups launched on capitol hill

Ethics Daily:  Dobson says prospects for marriage amendment 'not good'

BJCPA:  IRS issues election-year politicking reminder to churches

BJCPA:  Baptist leader calls for religious neutrality by government

AU:  Federal marriage amendment draws support from political fringes

BJCPA:  It is a myth that Christians are handicapped in political arena

AU:  Philadelphia church that endorsed Bush gets $1 million faith-based grant

AU:  Americans United opposes employee religious freedom bill in congress

New York Times:  Michael Newdow -- Pledging allegiance to my daughter

Post-Tribune:  Shaking their faith -- faith-based scam

SFGate:  Politics and the Church -- Bush woos the faithful with a religious fervor

Christian Science Monitor:  Court opens door for more voucher cases

FW Star Telegram:  Editorial Cartoon

National Review:  Faith, Fortune and the Frontier

Houston Voice:  Bush seeks Vatican aid in pushing amendment

Fort Smith Times Record:  National Pledge Controversy Misguided

AU:  Religion and Politics -- A moment in TIME

AU:  President Bush and Church/State separation

Houston Chronicle:  Bullying Pulpits -- Keeping politics, religion where they belong

Washington Dispatch:  How church and state combined to destroy communism  ???

Richmond Times Dispatch:  Cloning wars flare in state legislatures

New York Times:  Bush allies till fertile soil, among Baptists, for votes

ABP:  Bush touts conservative agenda in live video address to SBC

LA Times:  Thomas' take on law is rooted in 18th Century

AU:  Americans United opposes federal security subsidies for houses of worship

AU:  'Christian Nation' controversy in Texas

AU:  Americans United and Triangle Foundation ask IRS to investigate Michigan church that endorsed school board candidates

Citizen's Voice:  Separation of Church and State still uncompromised

New York Times:  Politics, Religion and Silence

Kansas City Star:  Politics and Religion -- Where's the line?

Washington Post:  Never mind the pledge

BeliefNet:  Is the pledge case really over?

AU:  House Committee scuttles plan to allow church electioneering

ABP:  Supreme Court avoids 'under God' issue in rejecting father's challenge to the pledge

Ethics Daily:  Supreme Court says atheist has no standing to challenge 'under God'

AU:  Supreme Court ducks controversy over pledge of allegiance

AP:  Supreme Court Preserves 'God" in the Pledge

IndyStar:  Tyranny of the majority must not trample on minority's rights

Ethics Daily:  Dobson gives qualified support to anti-school resolution

Daily Camera:  Faith, culture and Ronald Reagan

Denver Post:  The folly of mixing church and state

StarTribune:  Church and state -- keep pulpits non-partisan

SFGate:  Breaching the wall

North Adams Transcript:  Separation of church and Bush

LA Times:  Debate over crosses on city seal hits a nerve

e-talkinghead:  Church and state together again

USA Today:  Religion on the stump could add a new dimension to election

Baptist Press:  SBC's Land among those D.C. policy maker look to

Alabama Mainstream:  Resolution Supporting Public Schools

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  T.C. Pinckney -- God wants us home schooled

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Robert Parham -- Public schools also a blessing

Ethics Daily:  Public schools as national treasure, not enemies of God

ABP:  Roy Moore squares off with advocates of church-state separation on Capitol Hill

ABP:  Supreme Court turns down chance to settle dispute over store-front churches

AU:  Court to Rhea County -- Read your constitution

National Review:  Newdow's Achievement

Forward:  Bush reaches out to the religious, reigniting church-state debate

LA Times:  Don't take it on faith

New York Times:  Offering ministry, and early release, to prisoners

Radio National:  Church and Crown

Radio National:  Fighting Faith

Ethics Daily:  Anti-Public school resolution gaining support

Washington Post:  Religious groups resist change in tax laws

Washington Post:  Religious left seeks center of political debate

Reason Online:  Cross Purposes

Christian Science Monitor:  Democrats strike back on faith issue

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  End bible classes in public schools

York Dispatch:  Dover schools could face lawsuit

SFGate:  Scientology linked to public schools in San Francisco

Gadsden Times:  Moore says his religious expression act is needed

AU:  AU criticizes Senate panel for showcasing renegade Alabama judge

AU:  AU blasts back door congressional scheme to recruit churches into partisan politics

Church Central:  Faith vote fraught with church-state controversy

USA Today:  House steps into church-politics debate

First Amendment Center:  Congress mulls easing penalties for mixing religion, politics

PFAW:  Cornyn gives Senate stage to judge who refused to follow law

Billings Gazette:  Suit contends campaign laws stiffle church's free speech

CNN:  Court upholds Bible class ban

Ethics Daily:  Reagan credited with ushering in religious right

AU:  Altar Call -- Bush campiagn woos 'friendly' congregations

Corvallis Gazette Times:  Fortify wall dividing church and state

L.A. Daily News:  Public takes up cross battle

Norman Transcript:  OU students prepare for big-time baptism

Southern Mississippi Sun Herald:  President Bush welcomes SBC president to  the oval office

FW Star Telegram:  Don't expect Baptists to expel public schools

AU:  Bush campaign attempting to forge church-based political machine

Kansas City Star:  Bible distribution at school to end

BeliefNet:  Bush campaign's plan for "friendly congregations" comes under fire

Shenandoah Valley News Leader:  Baptism brouhaha soaks park

USA Today:  Churchgoing tied closely to voting patterns

Ethics Daily:  Bush campaign e-mail crosses line, church-state group says

Ethics Daily:  Religious groups say marriage amendment is unnecessary

Ethics Daily:  Chicago Cardinal says U.S. Church in 'danger' from outsiders

ABP:  Bush again expands faith-based partnerships by executive order

ABP:  Candidate endorsed by Roy Moore beats current justice in primary

AU:  JFK's legacy endangered

Denver Post:  IRS is asked to investigate Colorado Springs diocese

Buffalo News:  'Culture war' dividing U.S., Bush official says

The White House:  Bush's Speech -- 'America's Compassion in Action'

Washington Post:  Bush joins meeting of faith-based groups

Boston Globe:  Bush renews call for faith-based initiatives

NY Times:  Preaching to the choir, Bush encourages religious gathering

Houston Chronicle:  Bush calls for funds for church projects

Ethics Daily:  Roy Moore's ally defeats supreme court justice in Republican Primary

Star-Tribune:  Faith-based grants flow to Minnesota

Virginia Pilot:  The public education of Southern Baptists

Shenandoah Valley News Leader:  America is not a theocracy

Online Journal:  The covert kingdom

Education Week:  Vote sought on public school 'Exodus'

The Columbian:  Our schools are not cesspools

Florida Baptist Witness:  Summit explored 'Kingdom education' efforts

Pittsburg Post-Gazette:  Faith-based charities in Allegheny county make true believers of report's authors

Abilene Reporter News:  A Christian Nation?

Abilene Reporter News:  Missive misinformed

ABP:  Dispute over tax exemption swings in favor of Unitarian church

AU:  IRS should investigate electioneering by Colorado Springs Catholic Diocese

Ethics Daily:  The purpose of the ten commandments

Ethics Daily:  Judge Roy Moore to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

Ethics Daily:  Texas official says Unitarians qualify as a church

Cincinnati Inquirer:  Bill aims to require mottoes in schools

Public Theology:  The civic gospel of evangelicalism

Worldnet Daily:  Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S.

NY Times:  Conservative group amplifies voice of protestant orthodoxy

South Florida Sun Sentinel:  School board bars 12 year old from starting pagan club at school

Detroit Free Press:  Petitions could stall Muslim prayer call

Miami Herald:  Religious beliefs intruding into the federal government

Pew Forum:  European Union debate on religion in constitution continues

Daily Sentinel:  Texas comptroller reverses decision on Unitarian church's tax exempt status

Torrance, CA Daily Breeze:  ACLU warns county to take cross off seal or face lawsuit

USA Today:  Courts asked to consider culture

AU:  Gen. Boykin implicated in Abu Ghraib scandal

TIA:  Interfaith Response to the atrocities in Iraq

Richmond Times Dispatch:  Religion, politics a bad mix

Michigan State News:  Theology students might get state aid

Conn. Record-Journal:  Nothing new about church/state working together?

Anchorage Daily News:  Fired judge still a fan of Moses' law

San Jose Mercury News:  Ten commandments case looms large in Alabama's GOP primary

Decatur Daily:  Compelling reasons for the separation of church and state

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Bishops against conscience -- and Catholic teachings

PFAW:  Fighting Vouchers

AU:  Texas Inquisition -- Unitarians fail Comptroller's test

AU:  The Bishop's political pastoral -- selective coercion?

Arkansas Citizen:  Bible teachings, political agendas don't mix

AU:  California Mission Funding headed for Senate Committee vote

LA Times:  In God, and the GOP, they trust

New York Daily News:  State's 350K rings bell on church repair

Tennessean:  Church vows to fight state order to halt kid's camp

Charlotte Observer:  NC may put 'In God we trust' on license plates

York Daily Record:  80 rally in support of religious monument

Baton Rouge Advocate:  Abortion recasting religion in politics

AU:  Religious Right leaders blame Iraqi prison abuse scandal on MTV

AU:  Marriage amendment violates separation of church and state

Orlando Sentinel:  Bishops should beware politics of religion

Duluth News Tribune:  Removal is written in stone

Kansas City Star:  Commandments suit strains city

Star Tribune:  "It may take prayer to stop these folks"  Florida's faith-based prisons

AU:  AU warns Wisconsin city not to fund Salvation Army shelter

Stephanie Urquhardt:  Report to the MPN on the Oklahoma Interfaith Day of Prayer (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Houston Chronicle:  Texas confirms supreme court justice who thinks the first amendment is optional

Ethics Daily:  Controversial Christian general named in prisoner-abuse scandal

Jordan Times:  Unholy Alliance

Religion Link:  Presidential politics and the evangelical movement

AU:  Politicizing the communion line

AU:  Rove, Falwell back off on politicking at graduation

BP:  Pastor's prayer in Jesus name prompts Florida politician's apology

AU:  Top White House strategist speaks at Liberty U. Graduation

Justin Hill Daily Record:  Church group opts out of joining National Day of Prayer events

Sacramento Bee:  Bush intensifies public role of faith

AU:  IRS reminds churches to avoid politics

PBS Frontline:  Richard Land, George Bush and the Jesus Factor

Ethics Daily:  The ten commandments movement  The campaign's religious front

Press Telegram:  Church's place is not in politics

Washington Post:  Catholics question abortion focus

NJ Star Ledger:  Rare glimpse at Supreme Court dynamics

Boston Globe:  The attack on secularism

NY Times:  Hug an evangelical

AU:  The Christian Right is wrong about American history

AU:  Supreme Court refuses VMI prayer case

Ethics Daily:  Supreme Court allows VMI prayer ruling to stand

Allen American:  Christian organization wants church in the state

Toronto Star:  Whoopi Goldberg, "This is not a fundamentalist state"

Capitol News 9:  Drawing the line between church and state

Fairbanks Daily News Miner:  Got a message, see city hall

Aspen Daily News:  Religious flap leads to new school policy

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly:  Evangelicals and Politics

ABC Radio Australia:  The Mind of Fundamentalist

TIA:  Interfaith Alliance calls for halt on intrusions into candidates' personal faith

AU:  AU seeks information about anti-evolution efforts in public schools in Ohio, Montana

WRUF:  Women's Faith-based prison opens

NPR:  Intelligent Design rivals evolution in Ohio schools

AP:  Michigan votes to protect conscience rights

Guardian UK:  Their beliefs are bonkers, but they are at the heart of power

Christian Science Monitor:  On Ten Commandments Bill, Christian Right has it wrong

Lexington Herald Leader:  Role of Bush's faith in policy questioned

AU:  AU joins march for women's lives

ABP:  First Amendment scholar, church to be honored with 2004 ABP awards

Dallas Morning News:  Are Evangelicals in the mainstream?

Lexington Herald Leader:  Voucher foes right for wrong reasons

OpEd News:  Theocratic Dreams:  The Emergence of Christian Fascism in America

OpEd News:  George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism

AU:  Welcome to the AU weblog

ABP:  Experts discuss proper role of religion in public education

Gainesville Sun:  Two quiet ministers at intersection of church and state

Newsday:  Candidates look to balance faith, policy

Boston Globe:  Putting Kerry on the wafer watch

Seattle Post Intelligencer:  First women's faith-based prison opens

Denver Post:  Render unto Caesar

York Dispatch:  Sell the tablet

AP:  Kenneth Starr now a lawyer and dean

Ethics Daily:  10 commandments rally raises church-state concern

AU:  Welcome to the AU weblog

Gainesville Sun:  Two quiet ministers at intersection of church and state

Newsday:  Candidates look to balance faith, policy

Boston Globe:  Putting Kerry on the wafer watch

Seattle Post Intelligencer:  First women's faith-based prison opens

Denver Post:  Render unto Caesar

York Dispatch:  Sell the tablet

AP:  Kenneth Starr now a lawyer and dean

Ethics Daily:  10 commandments rally raises church-state concern

Tribune Talk:  Biblical verse on Marion fire truck raises questions

Indianapolis Star:  Marion removes 10 commandments display

Pretty Witty:  Who the Hell are these People?  A Primer on Fundamentalism in America

Christian Science Monitor:  Employers attempting to balance work and religion

LA Times:  A new meaning for 'bully pulpit'

Baptist Standard:  America's Strongest Foundation

First Coast News:  Georgia officials tour first all-faiths faith-based prison

San Francisco Chronicle:  The Battle over same-sex marriage

AU:  IRS urged to investigate Boston church for endorsing Kerry from pulpit

AU:  Watchdog group seeks information about anti-evolution efforts at public schools in Ohio, Montana

GreenBay News Chronicle:  Lawmakers introduce bill to assert church over state

The Hawk Eye:  Illinois takes apology to Mormon leaders

Indianapolis Star:  Bible verse on Fire Truck causes flap  Justice Department files suit to stop tax shelter using church laws

ABP:  Welfare Reform bill stalls over election year disputes

ABP:  Christians must consider many issues in presidential election, scholars say

PRNewswire:  Evolution Group uses federal tax money to promote religion, according to Discovery Institute

Washington Post:  God bless Atheism

Times Herald:  Church-state separation confirmed

CNN:  Separation of Church and State

Delaware News Journal:  Students carve out niche for religion in public schools

Texas Baptist Convention speaks out against 10 commandments rallies

TBC: Texas Baptists Committed speaks against 10 commandments rally

Dallas Morning News:  5,000 at Dallas rally say God and politics go hand in hand

Dallas Morning News:  10 commandments judge coming to town 

The New Republic:  Under God and over -- What America can learn from Atheists

Ethics Daily:  Department of Justice supports Muslim Girl in Oklahoma head scarf case

Daily Trojan:  Bush breaching church-state divide

ABP:  State agency, Baptist home disagree over church attendance

South Bend Tribune:  Jim Wallis' view on church-state issues

The Age, Australia:  Voice across the divide

MetroWest Daily News:  Collapsing the wall between church, state

WorldNet Daily:  TN drops Christian children's home

Ethics Daily:  Tennessee Baptist Children's Home, state in religious freedom debate

Kansas City Star:  Church's silence questioned in face of Aristide's violent reign

Ithaca Times:  Faith and Politics

LA Times:  Is Bush the holiest of them all?  Verily, No.

Topeka Capital-Journal:  Problem with pledge case is -- he may be right

(Southern) Baptist Press:  Will 'under God' survive?

Newsweek:  Arguing over allegiances

Ethics Daily:  Atheist who argued against 'under God' loses case against chaplains

LA Times:  'Peace Pole' offer stirs concern in surf city

Newsday:  Who needs the Pledge anyway?

Ft. Worth Star Telegram:  A civil separation

Tennessean:  Religious freedoms in jeopardy, minister says

Pioneer Press:  Kerry draws amens in church, flak from GOP

Ethics Daily:  Taking God's name in vain

AlterNet:  The Christian Taliban

CNS:  America and her secular blues

Montana Standard:  Radical racist 'church' now in disarray

Christian Science Monitor:  One pledge, hold the 'under God'

NY Times:  Jefferson, Madison, Newdow?

Valley Advocate:  Their will be done -- Creating a Theocracy in America

Creative Loafing:  America the Theocracy

BeliefNet:  Would God side with an Atheist?

ABP:  High court hears arguments in pledge of allegiance case

ABP:  Atheists, pledge supporters rally in front of supreme court

San Francisco Chronicle:  How to untangle the religious from the patriotic

NY Times:  Of God and the flag

CBS News:  One Nation, under God?

BBC:  U.S. considers 'under God' pledge

AU:  Faith-based initiative threatens church-state separation, AU's Lynn tells Congressional panel

AU:  Supreme Court set to hear arguments in duspute over pledge of allegiance

AU:  IRS urged to investigate Austin church for holding Republican fund-raiser

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Legislators erase church-state line

BJC:  The Christian American Citizen

Christianity Today:  Feds grant more than $1 Billion to Religious Charities in 2003

AU:  Americans United urges Senate panel not to fund California Mission churches

ABP:  Bill before congress would fund restoration of Catholic missions

San Jose Mercury News:  Calif. officials seek $10 million to restore historic missions

San Francisco Chronicle:  Feds refuse mission funding

San Diego Union Tribune:  Mission funding hits constitutional roadblock

San Mateo County Times:  State officials seek money to restore missions

Ethics Daily:  Does God belong in the constitution?

ABP:  Commission hails rights protections, warns of risks in Iraqi constitution

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Atheists get organized

Central Ohio News Journal:  Proposal would display more mottos in schools

Port Clinton News Herald:  Promoting history or religion?  Mottos in schools issue fires up debate

Naples Daily News:  Inside the First Amendment -- Beyond 'Passion'

Roger Williams:  A Plea for Religious Liberty

Roger Williams:  Bloody Tenant of Persecution

The Pluralism Project:  Home Page

UPI:  Bush gives more money to faith-based group

Statehouse Star Ledger:  N.J. voids Catholic school grant

Cleveland Jewish News:  Supreme Court -- states need not finance religious studies

Axis of Logic:  Laughter of the Gods

ABP:  Ousted Alabama justice argues for reinstatement

BJC:  Baptist church-state agency lauds decision in Locke Vs. Davey

BJC:  Words 'Under God' in pledge, though constitutional, may trivialize religion

BJC:  Threats to religious liberty in U.S. growing, speakers say  Bush vows to help religious charities

Washington Post:  We Don't Play Politics with Science

AU:  Americans United Urges Senate Panel to Reject Marriage Amendment

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Church-state argument will occupy lawmakers

South Mississippi Sun Herald:  Dayton calls for marital contracts for gay couples

York Dispatch:  Graduation in church issue

Ethics Daily:  Experts -- Ruling won't greatly influence faith-based initiative

Cincinnati Post:  Merger of religion, politics poses risk to our democracy

ABP:  Mainstream Speakers urge Baptists to regain religious-liberty commitment

Miami Herald:  Conversing with God?  Don't make it public

Michigan Technological University:  Really an issue of church and state

Harvard Crimson:  The case for separation

Bruce Prescott:  Whatever Became of Liberty of Conscience?

Ethics Daily:  America needs more Baptists

Tom Paine:  Wedding Church and State

Ethics Daily:  Special Alabama Supreme Court hears appeal of 'Ten Commandments Judge'

Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Court's balance of church and state

ABP:  Legal analysts debate effects of latest church-state ruling

Ethics Daily:  Supreme Court denies bid for state funded theology scholarship

U.S. Newswire:  Institute for Justice -- Understanding Locke Vs. Davey and Vouchers

New York Times:  Separating church and state

Jewish Times:  Supreme Court denies religion scholarships

Herald Tribune:  Manatee County School Board says accept Christian prayer of get out

Common Dreams:  The Presidential prayer team isn't praying for you

Sun Sentinel:  Bush brothers mix church, state

Mansfield News Journal:  Bush wants feds in faith

Rolling Stone:  Reverend Doomsday

Times Ledger:  Houses of worship must end pulpit politics

The Day:  Let's take the state out of marriage

Orlando Weekly:  The Jesus Jail

Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Finding votes in churches

Biblical Recorder:  SBC gearing up to get out the vote

TIA:  Interfaith Alliance denounces Congressman's anti-Muslim remarks

AU:  Americans United asks court to uphold individual rights in pledge case

ABP:  France's ban on religious symbols in schools sparks outcry from religious liberty groups

Ethics Daily:  U.S. Muslims, Religious Liberty advocates express dismay at France

Oregon Daily Emerald:  Church, state can differ on marriage

ABP:  Quietly, new commandments display goes up in Alabama courthouse

CBS News:  Rise of the Righteous Army

AU:  Americans United blasts social services bill that allows religion-based hiring bias

Working for Change:  Slouching toward theocracy

ABP:  House approves another bill allowing religious discrimination

Ethics Daily:  'Faith-based initiatives' cash will register with religious crooks

Ethics Daily:  The Baptist World Alliance and Religious Liberty

TIA:  Religion in the 2004 Elections

TIA:  Rev. Gaddy's Election Year Journal

PFAW:  Right wing watch online 2003

Seattle Times:  Are initiatives rewarding charities' faith?

Miami Herald:  Prayer partners for government agency staff draws criticism

ABP:  New study conflicts with claims on 'charitable choice' success

ABP:  Edwards -- New PAC needed to defend church/state separation

Randall Balmer:  Roy's Rock and The Future of American Protestantism

Mainstream Baptists:  Recovering the Baptist legacy of Church-State Separation

AUOK:  Letter to the Editor of the Daily Oklahoman about Religious Posters in Public Schools

Ethics Daily:  Study questions superiority of faith-based charities



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